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TBI, the sickness with the 1000 faces - a silent burden for European Societies

Traumatic Brain Injury is the second frequent neurological disease, directly after the ischaemic stroke. It represents a silent burden in Europe that is constantly growing. The TBI is difficult to grasp, because of the many faces of this illness that always results in an individually different situation after the trauma. It doesn’t only concern the traumatised but also the family, the social environment and it also concerns the health and social security professionals and the European governments.

The TBI is a challenge for many different research fields, such as traumatology, neurosurgery, intensive care and internal medicine, neurology, neurorehablitation, physical medicine, psychiatry or psychology. Scientifics have to research and collaborate in these different fields to find solutions for individual applicable response to the burden. The approach to TBI is varying in every European country as every health system is dealing with individual cultural and historically grown situations and needs.

After the acute phase of TBI the long rehabilitation and reintegration process needs intensive interdisciplinary teamwork to combine acute and long term treatment and reeducation in a strong and trustful collaboration with the family parts. In the modern world also technical and ethical solutions have to and can be found to improve individual rehabilitation after brain injury.

TBI itself can be prevented as well as secondary brain damage after the trauma. Medicine and paramedical professionals have to meet industries and governmental health responsible persons to be able to respond and prevent TBI and its consequences.

Through the intensive program of the 2013 researchers, industries and TBI affected are brought together with the goal to improve the contact between the involved groups, to highlight the recent scientific research on TBI and to raise collaboration in the European TBI society and awareness and visibility of TBI in Europe.

BIF-Europe in cooperation with the Austrian Association of TBI is organising the congress with endorsements through the European Brain Injury Society, the Austrian Society of Neurological Rehabilitation, the Austrian Society of Neurology, the Austrian and Viennese Family Association of TBI and the Austrian Ministry of Health. We are further more pleased to announce the Life after 2013 Workshop and the 2013 for the best scientific paper.

We are looking forward to meeting you in Vienna!

With the very best regards

Nikolaus Steinhoff
President of the 2013

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