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Gerhard Tucek
Music Therapy in the field of Neurological Rehabilitation
Julia Vogl
A neuro-anthropological perspective on music therapy research and practice in neurological rehabilitation
Astrid Maria Heine
A Pilot Study into the Effects of Music Therapy on different Areas of the Brain of Individuals with unresponsive wakefulness Syndrome
pdf button Presentations (2 MB)

A. S. Marttila
pdf button Layered subjectivity of people with TBI - Anthropological and rehabilitational perspective

Andy Tyerman
pdf button "I did not really know what was happening": Siblings experiences and needs after brain injury

Vita Ascensió Arrufat Gallén
pdf button The Incidence of Acquired Brain Injury (ABI) and the Survivors’ Itineraries after Hospital Discharge (7 MB)

Fernandez Nistal
pdf button New technologies for brain injury rehabilitation. The view of a family association (2 MB)

Maja Čeh
pdf button Involvement of persons with severe TBI in socially responsible actions in Centre Naprej (2 MB)

R. A. Sangy
pdf button U.N.A.F.T.C. (Testimony)

Veronika Trdan
pdf button The impact of lifelong learning in the field of culture on people with head injury (10 MB)

Jasna Vešligaj-Damiš
pdf button Sport as a medium in rehabilitation of persons with acquired brain injury (5 MB)