Friday, 18th Sept.   
  09:00-10:15       OPENING CEREMONY
Dr. Nikolaus Steinhoff, General Secretary of BIF
Mr. Hans Grugger, Austrian Ski Champion
Univ. Prof. Dr. F. Gerstenbrand:
Biomechanics of a Traumatic Impact on the Head and Clinical Sequences
Evelyn Vincent, President of BIF
  10:15-10:30   Coffee break  
  10:30-12:00              Panel session 1  -  Acute Management after TBI
Chair: A. Brazinova

Multicenter study of prehospital and early in-hospital TBI care in Austria
A. Brazinova
Role of computed tomographic scanning in pediatric head injury:A case series study of 60 patients
P. Sharma
„I didn’t really know what was going on”: Sibling experiences and needs after brain injury
A. Tyerman
  12:00-13:00   Break for Lunch  
  13:00-14:30     Panel session 2 -  Neurological Long Term Rehabilitation in TBI 
Chair: A. Tyerman, K. Grabljevec

New technologies for brain injury rehabilitation. The view of a family association.
F. Ferandez Nistal
The impact of lifelong learning in the field of culture on people with head injury
V. Trdan
Neuromodulation in TBI Rehabilitation
K. Grabljevec
Involvement of persons with severe TBI in socially responsible actions in Centre Naprej
M. Čeh
  14:30-14:45   Coffee break   
  14:45-16:40    Panel session 3 - Mild TBI and Casemanegement 
Chair: T. Wenzel

Brain trauma in international forensic assessment
T. Wenzel
Incidence and characteristics of Brain Injury in men and women from Castelló province. Spain 2014
V. A. Arrufat Gallen
Layered subjectivity of people with TBI - Anthropological and rehabilitational perspective
A. S. Marttila
Living with a Handicap
G. Fraberger
Sport as a medium in rehabilitation of persons with acquired brain injury
J. Vešligaj Damiš
  16:40-18:10    Panel session 4 - TBI and Music Therapy  
Chair: G. Tucek

Music Therapy and neurological rehabilitation
G. Tucek
A pilot study into the effects of music therapy on different areas of the brain of individuals with unresponsive wakefulness syndrome
A.M. Heine
Neuroscientific and neuroanthropological perspectives in music therapy research and practice with patients with disorders of consciousness
J. Vogl
  19:30    Mayor’s Invitation - Heurigen Evening at the “s‘Pfiff”   
      Saturday, 19th Sept.   
  09:00-12:00    Board Meeting I -  Brain Injured and Families/Europe   
  09:00-12:00    Panel session 5 - SHT in Österreich
Chair: N. Steinhoff 

Ein Leben mit der Behinderung
G. Fraberger
Inzidenz des SHT in Österreich
N. Steinhoff
Diskussion Forum – SHT in Österreich – Was gibt es zu verändern

Final Remarks and Closing Ceremony
N. Steinhoff, E. Vincent
  12:00-18:00    Board Meeting II -  Brain Injured and Families/Europe   


Die Veranstaltung ist mit 16 DFP-Punkten approbiert.