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wienVienna is the capital of the Republic of Austria. It is the country's biggest city and seat of many international organisations (official UN seat, OSCE headquarters). Its 1.65 million inhabitants live in a space of 414 square kilometres.

Vienna's cultural life is multi-faceted. You have the choice of 50 theatres, four opera houses, two stages for musicals, 100 museums and numerous theatre, music and dance festivals. Vienna is known worldwide as a city of music. Quality orchestras and ensembles are its seal of excellence.

The Viennese climate is mildly continental. Often a moderate western wind blows through the city, which may be responsible for the fact that cool days feel even cooler. However, Viennese appreciate the wind because it brings fresh air from the surrounding Vienna Woods to the city. Some winter days may be icy, and some summer days much too hot - but all in all, on most days the weather is much like the inhabitants of the city: friendly, mild and moderate in any case...


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